Brazilians who are making a difference in Canada

By Ingrid Coifman / Brasil News / March 2008

Meet some Brazilian women who are making a difference in Canada, through their testimony and success stories. They adapted well to Canadian life and are an inspiration to us.


Profile: Correspondent of CBC/RCI for the program “Canadá Direto” in Toronto, Marketing Manager for the Study English School, and member of the Board of Directors for Grupo Brasil. Leila has been living in Canada for eight years and has two sons.

Statement: “As somebody who is born under the sign of Aries, I always thrive on new challenges. To live abroad had been on my list for some time until I decided that it was time to go. The first big challenge was the constant need for the well-known "Canadian experience”. I completed the two-year Business Communications Program at Ryerson University, which gave me strength to continue my battle. The fact that I had come to Canada alone gave me strength to proceed in my quest. I fought A LOT to conquer my space. I consider myself to be a go-getter, like my grandmother. I am so happy to have attained many of my goals. My first advice to prospective immigrants is to immerse themselves in English to learn the language. This is basic and a must. In the case of specialized professionals, they should contact their associations, community centers and seek advice. They should come with willingness and be ready to overcome any obstacles. Those who persist win here in Canada”.

MARÍLIA SILVA LANA - Community worker

ANGELA MESQUITA - Entrepreneur

VALÉRIA SALES - Counsellor Abrigo Centre

NELY LIMA - Program Coordinator/St.Christopher House

RITA LIBERATO - Journalist & Public Relations

Translated by Teresa Nocera


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